Claves Para Organizar El Evento Perfecto

If you have tried to organize an event (beyond a family birthday or New Year’s Eve dinner) you will have already realized that you have to jump more than one obstacle to achieve success (and surrender to the famous and annoying Murphy’s Law)

You have decided to take charge of the matter and organize that event for your company that no one wanted to take charge of; it seemed easier when it was just an idea.

Before starting, you should assess if you are the right person to take charge. How do you know if you have that special grace that will make you succeed? Very easy, you will be the perfect candidate if: nothing and no one can make you lose even an iota of your “legendary” patience, if you are capable of maintaining the global vision of the “matter” and if, in addition, you are a fan of details.

If you have all of the above, add to your adventure these three tips for organizing events that we want to share with you.


It seems obvious, but it is necessary to maintain a firm and sure focus on this point. Define the objective as specifically as possible. Is it an outreach event, do you want to build customer loyalty or are you going to organize a book launch? Depending on the answer, you can begin to assess the format of the event, seeking to define the concept, time and duration, distribution of tasks within the team, venue design, catering, image and sound.

The format is very important. Try to innovate, look for alternative spaces to the conventional, less explored, outdoors… you can accompany the act with a healthy, local and sustainable snack as the trend dictates or stay in line with the classics, there are thousands of options; Also, you can consider holding an online event. The important thing is that the format helps to achieve the objective of the event.


The plan must include logistics, content and promotion of the event (of utmost importance to have a minimum of desirable people).

To start, create a shared document for everyone involved in the preparation, where each member can see the tasks of the others and the big picture; prepare a list of the main tasks and detailed subtasks where it is defined what each member has to do and the execution times; complying with what was planned does not ensure success, but we will be closer to it J.

You can use programs like Slack, Trello or something more common like Google Drive; They are perfect tools for organizing an event.



Once the list of tasks is complete, calculate the budget; it is advisable to add a reserve intended for unforeseeable situations. For example, a change of location due to external causes, the rental of unexpected equipment or the hiring of people at the last minute; it is better to think about such things in advance.

If you are not sure how to carry out all this work, you can always hire a company that is dedicated to organizing events, luckily you will not have to look any further, at Comunica2 we will be happy to accompany you in your work. Shall we talk?

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How to organize a Wedding: 10 Steps to Follow!

How to organize a Wedding: 10 Steps to Follow!

Tasks to Organize a Wedding

The first steps to organize a wedding are the following:

Choose a date
Define a budget
Choosing the venue for the celebration and ceremony
Consider hiring a wedding planner
Choose the main providers: catering, photographer, videographer
Prepare the documentation for the procedures
Build a guest list
Find the wedding dress
Define the color palette and decoration for the wedding
Search and capture of all providers

Of course this is the rough outline. Now it’s time to create a perfect plan taking into account the times for each task.

Timeline to Plan a Wedding

Then I leave you detailed all the tasks planned in time assuming that you are going to start organizing your wedding one year in advance. Of course you can start with less time in advance but the most recommended is a year since it will help you enjoy every moment and every task.
12 Months before the wedding:

Choose the date we want to get married.
Calculate number of guests and approximate budget.
Find and reserve a Banquet venue.
Search and reserve Church or court.

9-11 Months before the wedding:

Search providers: photographer, videographer, catering, wedding planner, decorator etc …
Don’t forget to hire a wedding officiant for civil weddings.
Prepare a preliminary list of guests. Decide the bridesmaids, the pages and the little ladies.
Start selecting the wedding dress.
Think of possible destinations for the honeymoon and request quotes.

6 to 8 months before the wedding:

Book the wedding trip at the travel agency.
For the religious wedding in the parish of the link will indicate the dates of premarital courses.
Find and hire music for the wedding.
Select and order the invitations.
Choose and buy alliances. You can also hold a workshop to create your own wedding rings, a unique experience that will fill you with pride and feelings every time you see the symbol of union in your hand.
Book the wedding trip at the travel agency.

4 to 5 months before the wedding:

Request and prepare the documentation for the religious or civil wedding. You can find the civil script and the script of a religious wedding in the links that I indicate.
Reserve hotel rooms for guests residing outside.
Buy the Groom’s suit.
Buy the bridal accessories: shoes, headdress / veil, earrings etc etc.
Select the hairdresser, the makeup artist for the bride.
Determine the wedding decor.
Reserve providers that you do not yet have reserved.

3 Months before the wedding:

Send invitations to guests to organize their agenda.
Prepare ceremony, protocol, readings, music.
Order the details for the guests.
Reserve the flowers for the wedding.
Book transportation for guests
Prepare the bride and groom dance (choreography)

2 Months before the wedding:

Make the hairstyle and makeup test
Select the music for the ceremony, reception and banquet.
Try and choose the menu.
Skin treatment for the bride

1 month before the wedding:

Call and reconfirm all contracted providers.
Confirm the attendance of all your guests.
Reconfirm your honeymoon reservation.

And now the most important advice that I can give you as a married girlfriend. A few days before the wedding, relax and enjoy. Remember that in all weddings something goes wrong … It is like that and you have to assume it and once all the details are closed, enjoy your wedding, no matter how it turns out!

How to organize a civil wedding

Statistics do not lie and the trend of marrying a civil ceremony is increasingly booming. Of course every wedding is different and you have to make a decision about the wedding style to plan.

If you have decided that you want to get married “civilly” you have several options: you can get married in the town hall, in the courts, in the civil registry or even in a beautiful garden of your favorite Hacienda.

How to Organize a Religious Wedding

When planning a religious wedding, the starting point is the church since the priest will be the person who will open the marriage file and guide you through all the steps. Of course a church wedding is subject to some restrictions on freedom for the structure of the ceremony.

How to Organize a Bilingual Wedding

The type of wedding that I like the most! Bilingual weddings are a challenge for couples with guests from different countries. First of all you have to think about one or two languages that most of the guests have in common and then it is a very good idea to think about putting the signage in a bilingual way. Of course, opting for a bilingual ceremony with a professional officiant is the best way to create an unforgettable experience for your foreign guests.
How to organize a destination wedding

Getting married abroad involves organizing a destination wedding. Surely you are thinking that a destination wedding is something that only couples on a high budget can do, but it is not! Having a reduced guest list, in many occasions, organizing a destination wedding is even cheaper.

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13 questions to ask your couple before you get married!

13 questions to ask your couple before you get married!

When it comes to marriage, what you don’t know can hurt you.

Whether it’s embarrassment, lack of interest, or a desire to preserve the mystery of romance, couples don’t ask themselves some tough questions that, according to relationship experts, can help build the foundation for a stable marriage.

In addition to looking for someone with whom they want to have children and build a safe life, those who think of marriage now hope that their partners will also be their best friends and confidants. It can be difficult to live up to such expectations, which are partly Hollywood’s fault.

Sure, there are many questions couples can ask themselves at the start of a relationship to make sure they are for each other, but let’s be honest: most don’t.

“If you don’t deal with a problem before marriage, it will touch you when you’re married,” said Robert Scuka, the executive director of the National Institute of Relationship Enhancement. It can be difficult to keep secrets decade after decade, and reserving certain information before the wedding can lead to disappointment later.

The intimate and sometimes awkward questions below are designed to start honest conversations and possibly give couples a chance to reveal their secrets before it’s too late.


1. Did your family throw dishes, discuss problems calmly, or get stuck when disagreements arose?

The success of a relationship is based on how differences are resolved, said Peter Pearson, founder of the Couples Institute. Since we are all shaped by the dynamics of our family, he said, the answer to this question will help them understand whether or not their partner will end up mimicking the conflict resolution patterns they learned from their parents.

El éxito de una relación está basado en cómo se resuelven las diferencias, dijo Peter Pearson, fundador del Couples Institute. Ya que todos estamos moldeados a partir de la dinámica de nuestra familia, dijo, la respuesta a esta pregunta les ayudará a entender si su pareja terminará imitando los patrones de resolución de conflictos que aprendió de sus padres o los evitará.


2. Will we have children? And if we do, will you change diapers?

With the kids issue, it’s important that you don’t just say what you think your partner wants to hear, says Debbie Martinez, a divorce and relationship therapist. Before getting married, couples should honestly discuss whether they want to have children. How many want At what point do you want to have them? And how do you imagine your roles as parents will be? Talking about birth control before planning a pregnancy is also important, according to Marty Klain, a sex and marriage therapist.


3. Will experiences with our exes help us or be an obstacle?

Bradford Wilcox, director of the National Marriage Project at the University of Virginia, pointed to research funded by his organization that having many serious relationships can present a risk of divorce and lower the quality of the marriage. Posing these problems early in the relationship can help, Dr. Wilcox said. Dr. Klein said that people “hesitate to speak explicitly about their past” and may feel retroactively jealous or prejudiced. “The only way to have an intimate, productive and loving conversation is to accept that the other person had a life before being in a couple,” he said.


4. How important is religion? How will we celebrate religious holidays, if we do?

If two people have different religions, will each follow their religious affiliation? Dr. Scuka, Executive Director of the National Institute of Relationship Enhancement, has worked with couples to encourage honest discussions on this topic. Also, couples are much more likely to experience conflict around religious traditions when children are part of the equation, says Dr. Wilcox. If they decide to have children, they must ask themselves how they will handle the religious education of the children. Better to have a plan, he added.



5. Is your debt my debt? Would you be willing to bail me out?

It’s important to know how your partner is feeling about financial self-sufficiency and whether you expect the resources to be separated, said Frederick Hertz, a divorce attorney. Being honest about debt is very important. Similarly, if there is a significant discrepancy between your income and that of your partner, Dr. Scuka recommended creating a basic budget based on proportional income. Many couples are unable to talk about finances, although it is crucial, he said.


6. How much is the most you would be willing to spend on a car, a sofa or a pair of shoes?

Couples should see if they are attuned to financial caution or recklessness. Buying a car is a great indicator, according to Hertz. Couples can also put this question in context by asking about things they could spend exorbitant amounts of money on, he said.


7. Can you bear to do things without Children who take steroids at increased risk for diabetes, high blood pressure, blood clots steroids legal mike yeadon and economics of vaccine: is big pharma keeping covid-19 panic alive? you?

By forming a marriage, some people hope to retain their independence in certain areas of their lives as they build a relationship, according to Seth Eisenberg, the president of Pairs (Practical Application of Intimate Relationship Skills). This means that they may not be willing to share hobbies or friends, and that can lead to tension and feelings of rejection if the topic is not discussed. Couples may also have different expectations of what “privacy” means, Klein added, and that should also be discussed. Dr. Wilcox suggested asking your partner when is the time they need to be alone the most.


8. Do we like our parents?

As long as you and your partner are a united front, having a bad relationship with in-laws can be manageable, Dr. Scuka said, but if a couple is unwilling to discuss the matter with their parents, it can be a bad omen for health. of the relationship. At the same Dr. Pearson said that considering the strengths and weaknesses of your parents may clarify future patterns of attachment or detachment in the relationship.

Cómo aprender a ser padres y a educar a nuestros hijos
9. How important is sex to you?

Today, people expect their partner to sexually arouse them for an extended period, an expectation that did not exist in the past, according to Eisenberg. A healthy relationship will include conversations about what everyone enjoys about sex, as well as the expected frequency, Dr. Klein said. If people are looking for a different experience through sex, perhaps a negotiation will be necessary to ensure that both are satisfied.


10. How far can we go when flirting with other people? Is it okay to watch pornography?

Dr. Klein said couples should talk about their attitudes and expectations regarding pornography, flirting and sexual exclusivity. A couple’s agreement on these issues can change over time, and it most likely will, but it is important to raise the issue quickly. Ideally, sexual exclusivity should be discussed in the same way as other day-to-day concerns so that problems can be addressed before someone gets angry, he said. Dr. Pearson suggested asking your partner directly what their views are on pornography. Some people, fearful, avoid this topic early in a relationship, but Klein says it can become a point of tension later.


11. Do you know how many ways I say “I love you”?

Gary Chapman’s book, “The 5 Love Languages” (1992), introduced this way of categorizing expressions of love to strengthen marriage. Martinez gives his clients about to get married a list of the five languages ​​of love: affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service and physical contact. He asks them to mark their primary and secondary languages ​​and also to say what they think their partner’s are and then discuss them. Eisenberg said that a couple needs to figure out how to nurture the relationship in a way that is specific to them.


12. What do you admire about me and what are the things that bother you the most?

Can you imagine that challenges will ever exceed admiration? If so, what would you do? Anne Klaeysen, head of the New York Society for Ethical Culture, said couples rarely consider that second question. Ideally, marriage is a lifelong commitment, she said, and “clicking” isn’t enough. A marriage must go beyond the “click” and the initial chemistry.


13. How do you see us in 10 years?

Keeping the answer to this question in mind can help the couple face conflict while working toward the ultimate goals of the relationship, according to Eisenberg.

Dr. Wilcox said it could also be an opportunity to ask the question whether anyone would consider divorce if the relationship deteriorates, or if they expect the marriage to be for life, no matter what.

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Business it will frequently occur that great pleasures one repudiated pleasure.

Alex Jhon Martin




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How to find the best Quinceañera dress

How to find the best Quinceañera dress

Shopping for the dress can be one of the best and worst parts of event planning. Opinions, variety, colors, lengths, sizes … it is surprising that we know where to start!

All of us here at My Godfather want you to have the event of your dreams, and it looks like you always imagined it. To keep your inner “crazy lady” at bay, check out some tips we have for finding the perfect dress when you go shopping!


Before you go shopping, look for magazines or online resources. Get an idea of ​​the types of dress styles that exist, such as evening dress, A-line, sheath, trumpet, etc. Style selections are plentiful!

Familiarize yourself with the names of the styles, so that when you talk to the dress advisers, you know what kind of dresses they will take out. In this way, you can also veto certain types of dresses if you know that they will not fit your personal style.

Your dress is one of the most important aspects of your event. Be sure to choose a style that you like, but also highlight your body in the right places.


Don’t forget that the dress size is completely different from the clothes! Dresses are usually larger than the clothes you normally wear. Do not worry! This is a very common practice.

That said, if you’re a rare size, which means you’re either on the slimmer end of the spectrum or on the more curved side, check to see that the dress manufacturer produces the same dress within the measurements you need.

Some designers don’t create certain sizes (this sounds especially true for curvy or plus-size women, unfortunately). However, clothing consultants generally know this information in advance and will warn you about this, when they show you dresses for you to try on.


If you are a bride or you are choosing a white dress for your Fifteen Years, you can be sure that all shades of white, beige and light pink will be available with the wedding dresses.Determining what shade of white you want for your dress is important because It will affect other planning details, such as the color of the tablecloth you wear at the front desk and the color of the white shirts the groomsmen or young men will wear in your court. .

If you are looking for a color other than white, we recommend you go to a store that specializes in quinceanera dresses or buy prom dresses in the color of your choice. Many prom dresses will have many of the accents that are popular in wedding and quinceanera dresses, but they are available in many different colors, so you are more likely to find one that you like. You can often find court and bridesmaid dresses among prom dresses that would also be suitable for a big event.

If you are looking for a dress with a lower budget, you can find a charming dress for your event by buying bridesmaid dresses at a bridal store. They are a bit simple, which is good if you want to customize it! Bridesmaid dresses are also offered in many different colors.

If the dress you want is only offered in a soft color, you can consider professionally dyeing it in the shade you want. That way, you not only have the dress you want, but also the color you want!


While most women prefer a long dress, don’t let this stop you from choosing the dress you really love! If for some reason you do not like long dresses, it is a completely valid opinion. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise!

Are you planning an event where it seems too much to have a prom dress? So a short-length dress could be your best option. You really can’t go wrong with a below-the-knee or ankle dress, as both are in!

If long dresses with a long train are your headache, be sure to ask if the train is removable or can be fastened to the dress, so as not to harm your dance rhythm. We are sure that you don’t want to rip or ruin your dress in any way.

If there isn’t a way to easily remove the train or lift it off the ground, create a game plan with your seamstress to see how you can modify the dress. Usually they can add a button or something to hold the train and make it perfect all day long.


Do not overlook the material of your dress! The material will play an important role in your dressing decision. Some women like lace, while others hate the idea and would prefer a satin or shiny taffeta dress. You’ll also want to pay attention to the beading. If there are many ridges right where the arms rest, it will most likely result in chafing.

In addition to your personal preferences, think about how the material reacts. Some materials may be poofy, while others are much heavier and fall straight down. Don’t just pick a dress on how it looks on the hanger. Try it on and see how it adapts to your body.

When you try on your dress, ask for help getting images with interior lighting, as well as near a window with natural lighting, so you can see your dress in different lighting situations. The way different lighting can affect the look of your dress while you’re wearing it can also influence your decision.

Interior lighting is not always the most favorable, so do not discard a dress simply because it does not look good in interior lighting. Come to the window to see how the material feels to you!

Body shape

Of course, this goes without saying, but be sure to choose a dress that fits and looks good on your body. This is ultimately your event, and you want to be in a stunning dress that complements your body and style, but without overwhelming.

It is very tempting to simply choose a dress you saw in a magazine, to have your heart set on it, but not to give more consideration to other dresses. Don’t fall into this trap! Some dresses may look gorgeous in a magazine or online, but they may not suit you once you try it on.

Be open to trying other styles of dresses to create a complete opinion. You will be surprised that the dress you choose is not the one you were DYING the day before!

By keeping these tips in mind, you can be sure that you will cover all the major concerns that women have with their dresses. Be sure to take some loved ones with you and take lots of photos so you can be confident in your purchasing decision. Just remember that your opinion is the most important opinion in that room. Have fun looking for your perfect dress!

Working Checklist of the Event

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking.

Business it will frequently occur that great pleasures one repudiated pleasure.

Alex Jhon Martin




Best Event Venue You Steroid users face heart issues: study best steroid website why big pharma needs blockbusters have Find

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What a bride should do two weeks before the wedding: Error-proof!

What a bride should do two weeks before the wedding: Error-proof!

The big day is coming and stress follows you everywhere, don’t worry! Because with these tips, your wedding calendar will be error-proof and the only thing you will have left is to enjoy that great moment, in which a new story begins in your life.

Foto: Ana Luisa de la Torre

The countdown marks that you have 2 weeks before the wedding, so take note of the following tasks to do:

1. You have to take care of many details and one of them is to have all the guests confirmed, so you will have to make a final count of the people who will attend the wedding and send the total number of guests to the banquet service. To make everything perfect, of course you need a good wedding invitation design.

2. Photographs will be the best memory of your big day, so prepare a list of people with whom you would like to take a photo, this will help you to not forget anyone and that photographers have a guide.

3. There are memorable speeches and in your ceremony the votes will be those words that you will never forget, so write something nice and simple.

4. The transport service is a primary issue, so you will have to confirm the exact time you want to be picked up to arrive on time.

5. Personal care is super important, so take time to go exfoliate, wax, get tan and enjoy a good relaxing massage, without neglecting a very feminine manicure.

6. Performing a final dress and headdress test is vital, this helps to have all the details ready and adjust as necessary.

7. Beauty plan: all women dream of looking beautiful on our big day, so you must attend a makeup and hairstyle test, to know what you have left and what you feel comfortable with.

8. They say well out there that a pair of heels are our best ally, so you will have to have the perfect shoes and an impeccable pedicure.

9. It is essential to have the ideal design of your flower bouquet to match everything, remember that you will have to leave it in the church.

10. Speaking of music and dancing, practicing the waltz and having a personalized playlist will make you enjoy your first dance and the magical evening that awaits you to the fullest.

Foto: Carlos Elizondo

11. Keep in mind that protocol rehearsals will help you refine all the details of the wedding ceremony, so spend a few days practicing your entry and selecting the readings you want to be said.

12. Your bachelorette party will be one of the parties you will always remember, so put stress aside and have lots of fun.

13. It will be essential to have the reservation ready of the place where you will spend your wedding night. If you are going on a trip, the passports will have to be valid and the suitcases ready for the honeymoon.