Alex Sam Martin

Wedding Planner
  • Experience :
    12 years

Why I became a wedding planner

I dreamed of helping couples plan the most special day of their lives, getting excited every time I hear “I do” or seeing a bride in her wedding dress for the first time. So, I became a wedding planner.

While it is one of the most rewarding jobs a person can have, becoming a wedding planner takes more than just organizational skills and good taste. To share what the road to becoming a wedding planner is really like, we’ve tapped some successful people in the industry to share how they got started, as well as information on the skills and qualifications needed to succeed in the industry.

Wedding Photography 78%
Catering 85%
Decoration 90%
Event Planning 81%

Career Guidelines

Being in the wedding and event industry has its challenges, but there is nothing better than seeing months and months of hard work come together to create the most perfect wedding day,” wrote Denise Ferdinand of the Fairy Godmother Wedding & Event Planning Company in a post on their website. “Watching all the hard work unfold is one of the most rewarding experiences that this business has to offer. In this business you continuously get closer to your clients and that is what makes their wedding so special and unique, watching your work bring your client’s dreams to life is such a magical feeling.

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