Claves Para Organizar El Evento Perfecto

If you have tried to organize an event (beyond a family birthday or New Year’s Eve dinner) you will have already realized that you have to jump more than one obstacle to achieve success (and surrender to the famous and annoying Murphy’s Law)

You have decided to take charge of the matter and organize that event for your company that no one wanted to take charge of; it seemed easier when it was just an idea.

Before starting, you should assess if you are the right person to take charge. How do you know if you have that special grace that will make you succeed? Very easy, you will be the perfect candidate if: nothing and no one can make you lose even an iota of your “legendary” patience, if you are capable of maintaining the global vision of the “matter” and if, in addition, you are a fan of details.

If you have all of the above, add to your adventure these three tips for organizing events that we want to share with you.


It seems obvious, but it is necessary to maintain a firm and sure focus on this point. Define the objective as specifically as possible. Is it an outreach event, do you want to build customer loyalty or are you going to organize a book launch? Depending on the answer, you can begin to assess the format of the event, seeking to define the concept, time and duration, distribution of tasks within the team, venue design, catering, image and sound.

The format is very important. Try to innovate, look for alternative spaces to the conventional, less explored, outdoors… you can accompany the act with a healthy, local and sustainable snack as the trend dictates or stay in line with the classics, there are thousands of options; Also, you can consider holding an online event. The important thing is that the format helps to achieve the objective of the event.


The plan must include logistics, content and promotion of the event (of utmost importance to have a minimum of desirable people).

To start, create a shared document for everyone involved in the preparation, where each member can see the tasks of the others and the big picture; prepare a list of the main tasks and detailed subtasks where it is defined what each member has to do and the execution times; complying with what was planned does not ensure success, but we will be closer to it J.

You can use programs like Slack, Trello or something more common like Google Drive; They are perfect tools for organizing an event.



Once the list of tasks is complete, calculate the budget; it is advisable to add a reserve intended for unforeseeable situations. For example, a change of location due to external causes, the rental of unexpected equipment or the hiring of people at the last minute; it is better to think about such things in advance.

If you are not sure how to carry out all this work, you can always hire a company that is dedicated to organizing events, luckily you will not have to look any further, at Comunica2 we will be happy to accompany you in your work. Shall we talk?

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How to find the best Quinceañera dress

How to find the best Quinceañera dress

Shopping for the dress can be one of the best and worst parts of event planning. Opinions, variety, colors, lengths, sizes … it is surprising that we know where to start!

All of us here at My Godfather want you to have the event of your dreams, and it looks like you always imagined it. To keep your inner “crazy lady” at bay, check out some tips we have for finding the perfect dress when you go shopping!


Before you go shopping, look for magazines or online resources. Get an idea of ​​the types of dress styles that exist, such as evening dress, A-line, sheath, trumpet, etc. Style selections are plentiful!

Familiarize yourself with the names of the styles, so that when you talk to the dress advisers, you know what kind of dresses they will take out. In this way, you can also veto certain types of dresses if you know that they will not fit your personal style.

Your dress is one of the most important aspects of your event. Be sure to choose a style that you like, but also highlight your body in the right places.


Don’t forget that the dress size is completely different from the clothes! Dresses are usually larger than the clothes you normally wear. Do not worry! This is a very common practice.

That said, if you’re a rare size, which means you’re either on the slimmer end of the spectrum or on the more curved side, check to see that the dress manufacturer produces the same dress within the measurements you need.

Some designers don’t create certain sizes (this sounds especially true for curvy or plus-size women, unfortunately). However, clothing consultants generally know this information in advance and will warn you about this, when they show you dresses for you to try on.


If you are a bride or you are choosing a white dress for your Fifteen Years, you can be sure that all shades of white, beige and light pink will be available with the wedding dresses.Determining what shade of white you want for your dress is important because It will affect other planning details, such as the color of the tablecloth you wear at the front desk and the color of the white shirts the groomsmen or young men will wear in your court. .

If you are looking for a color other than white, we recommend you go to a store that specializes in quinceanera dresses or buy prom dresses in the color of your choice. Many prom dresses will have many of the accents that are popular in wedding and quinceanera dresses, but they are available in many different colors, so you are more likely to find one that you like. You can often find court and bridesmaid dresses among prom dresses that would also be suitable for a big event.

If you are looking for a dress with a lower budget, you can find a charming dress for your event by buying bridesmaid dresses at a bridal store. They are a bit simple, which is good if you want to customize it! Bridesmaid dresses are also offered in many different colors.

If the dress you want is only offered in a soft color, you can consider professionally dyeing it in the shade you want. That way, you not only have the dress you want, but also the color you want!


While most women prefer a long dress, don’t let this stop you from choosing the dress you really love! If for some reason you do not like long dresses, it is a completely valid opinion. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise!

Are you planning an event where it seems too much to have a prom dress? So a short-length dress could be your best option. You really can’t go wrong with a below-the-knee or ankle dress, as both are in!

If long dresses with a long train are your headache, be sure to ask if the train is removable or can be fastened to the dress, so as not to harm your dance rhythm. We are sure that you don’t want to rip or ruin your dress in any way.

If there isn’t a way to easily remove the train or lift it off the ground, create a game plan with your seamstress to see how you can modify the dress. Usually they can add a button or something to hold the train and make it perfect all day long.


Do not overlook the material of your dress! The material will play an important role in your dressing decision. Some women like lace, while others hate the idea and would prefer a satin or shiny taffeta dress. You’ll also want to pay attention to the beading. If there are many ridges right where the arms rest, it will most likely result in chafing.

In addition to your personal preferences, think about how the material reacts. Some materials may be poofy, while others are much heavier and fall straight down. Don’t just pick a dress on how it looks on the hanger. Try it on and see how it adapts to your body.

When you try on your dress, ask for help getting images with interior lighting, as well as near a window with natural lighting, so you can see your dress in different lighting situations. The way different lighting can affect the look of your dress while you’re wearing it can also influence your decision.

Interior lighting is not always the most favorable, so do not discard a dress simply because it does not look good in interior lighting. Come to the window to see how the material feels to you!

Body shape

Of course, this goes without saying, but be sure to choose a dress that fits and looks good on your body. This is ultimately your event, and you want to be in a stunning dress that complements your body and style, but without overwhelming.

It is very tempting to simply choose a dress you saw in a magazine, to have your heart set on it, but not to give more consideration to other dresses. Don’t fall into this trap! Some dresses may look gorgeous in a magazine or online, but they may not suit you once you try it on.

Be open to trying other styles of dresses to create a complete opinion. You will be surprised that the dress you choose is not the one you were DYING the day before!

By keeping these tips in mind, you can be sure that you will cover all the major concerns that women have with their dresses. Be sure to take some loved ones with you and take lots of photos so you can be confident in your purchasing decision. Just remember that your opinion is the most important opinion in that room. Have fun looking for your perfect dress!

Working Checklist of the Event

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How to Find the Perfect Wedding Venue

15 Tips para tu fiesta de Quinceaños

Turning fifteen is a very important event in your life. Most of the girls want to have a big party to celebrate their 15 years. Hosting an epic party to celebrate your 15th will ensure it’s a birthday you will never forget. Planning the details in advance will help you have the party you always dreamed of. Follow these easy steps and make sure you have the perfect party!

  • 1. First of all you should know the budget that your parents have allocated for your party.
  • 2. Then you can decide the type of party you want to have
  • 3. Determine the size of the party, for this you will need to make a guest list.
  • 4. You can choose a theme for the party if you want.
  • 5. Visit salons, villas, clubs, etc … and choose the one you like best.
  • 6. Separate the church, we suggest you to be a church near the place where your party will be.
  • 7. Find photography and video experts.
  • 8. Rent a car for transfers, it can be a limo, party-buses are super trendy.
  • 9. Find a DJ. You will also need music for the church.
  • 10. Very important! Visit printers to buy invitations, signature album, thank you cards, etc …
  • 11. Hire Florist for Bouquet, centerpieces, church decoration, main table, etc …
  • 12. The Cake is a very important element in any celebration. You can not miss such an important event.
  • 13. Visit experts in Hair & Make-up and separate the one that fits your budget and you like how it was arranged.
  • 14. Very important! Get DRESS! Try them all on until you find the one.
  • 15 .Accessories. Shoes, headdress, earrings, tennis decorated in case your shoes get tired.