Claves Para Organizar El Evento Perfecto

If you have tried to organize an event (beyond a family birthday or New Year’s Eve dinner) you will have already realized that you have to jump more than one obstacle to achieve success (and surrender to the famous and annoying Murphy’s Law)

You have decided to take charge of the matter and organize that event for your company that no one wanted to take charge of; it seemed easier when it was just an idea.

Before starting, you should assess if you are the right person to take charge. How do you know if you have that special grace that will make you succeed? Very easy, you will be the perfect candidate if: nothing and no one can make you lose even an iota of your “legendary” patience, if you are capable of maintaining the global vision of the “matter” and if, in addition, you are a fan of details.

If you have all of the above, add to your adventure these three tips for organizing events that we want to share with you.


It seems obvious, but it is necessary to maintain a firm and sure focus on this point. Define the objective as specifically as possible. Is it an outreach event, do you want to build customer loyalty or are you going to organize a book launch? Depending on the answer, you can begin to assess the format of the event, seeking to define the concept, time and duration, distribution of tasks within the team, venue design, catering, image and sound.

The format is very important. Try to innovate, look for alternative spaces to the conventional, less explored, outdoors… you can accompany the act with a healthy, local and sustainable snack as the trend dictates or stay in line with the classics, there are thousands of options; Also, you can consider holding an online event. The important thing is that the format helps to achieve the objective of the event.


The plan must include logistics, content and promotion of the event (of utmost importance to have a minimum of desirable people).

To start, create a shared document for everyone involved in the preparation, where each member can see the tasks of the others and the big picture; prepare a list of the main tasks and detailed subtasks where it is defined what each member has to do and the execution times; complying with what was planned does not ensure success, but we will be closer to it J.

You can use programs like Slack, Trello or something more common like Google Drive; They are perfect tools for organizing an event.



Once the list of tasks is complete, calculate the budget; it is advisable to add a reserve intended for unforeseeable situations. For example, a change of location due to external causes, the rental of unexpected equipment or the hiring of people at the last minute; it is better to think about such things in advance.

If you are not sure how to carry out all this work, you can always hire a company that is dedicated to organizing events, luckily you will not have to look any further, at Comunica2 we will be happy to accompany you in your work. Shall we talk?