How to organize a Wedding: 10 Steps to Follow!

Tasks to Organize a Wedding

The first steps to organize a wedding are the following:

Choose a date
Define a budget
Choosing the venue for the celebration and ceremony
Consider hiring a wedding planner
Choose the main providers: catering, photographer, videographer
Prepare the documentation for the procedures
Build a guest list
Find the wedding dress
Define the color palette and decoration for the wedding
Search and capture of all providers

Of course this is the rough outline. Now it’s time to create a perfect plan taking into account the times for each task.

Timeline to Plan a Wedding

Then I leave you detailed all the tasks planned in time assuming that you are going to start organizing your wedding one year in advance. Of course you can start with less time in advance but the most recommended is a year since it will help you enjoy every moment and every task.
12 Months before the wedding:

Choose the date we want to get married.
Calculate number of guests and approximate budget.
Find and reserve a Banquet venue.
Search and reserve Church or court.

9-11 Months before the wedding:

Search providers: photographer, videographer, catering, wedding planner, decorator etc …
Don’t forget to hire a wedding officiant for civil weddings.
Prepare a preliminary list of guests. Decide the bridesmaids, the pages and the little ladies.
Start selecting the wedding dress.
Think of possible destinations for the honeymoon and request quotes.

6 to 8 months before the wedding:

Book the wedding trip at the travel agency.
For the religious wedding in the parish of the link will indicate the dates of premarital courses.
Find and hire music for the wedding.
Select and order the invitations.
Choose and buy alliances. You can also hold a workshop to create your own wedding rings, a unique experience that will fill you with pride and feelings every time you see the symbol of union in your hand.
Book the wedding trip at the travel agency.

4 to 5 months before the wedding:

Request and prepare the documentation for the religious or civil wedding. You can find the civil script and the script of a religious wedding in the links that I indicate.
Reserve hotel rooms for guests residing outside.
Buy the Groom’s suit.
Buy the bridal accessories: shoes, headdress / veil, earrings etc etc.
Select the hairdresser, the makeup artist for the bride.
Determine the wedding decor.
Reserve providers that you do not yet have reserved.

3 Months before the wedding:

Send invitations to guests to organize their agenda.
Prepare ceremony, protocol, readings, music.
Order the details for the guests.
Reserve the flowers for the wedding.
Book transportation for guests
Prepare the bride and groom dance (choreography)

2 Months before the wedding:

Make the hairstyle and makeup test
Select the music for the ceremony, reception and banquet.
Try and choose the menu.
Skin treatment for the bride

1 month before the wedding:

Call and reconfirm all contracted providers.
Confirm the attendance of all your guests.
Reconfirm your honeymoon reservation.

And now the most important advice that I can give you as a married girlfriend. A few days before the wedding, relax and enjoy. Remember that in all weddings something goes wrong … It is like that and you have to assume it and once all the details are closed, enjoy your wedding, no matter how it turns out!

How to organize a civil wedding

Statistics do not lie and the trend of marrying a civil ceremony is increasingly booming. Of course every wedding is different and you have to make a decision about the wedding style to plan.

If you have decided that you want to get married “civilly” you have several options: you can get married in the town hall, in the courts, in the civil registry or even in a beautiful garden of your favorite Hacienda.

How to Organize a Religious Wedding

When planning a religious wedding, the starting point is the church since the priest will be the person who will open the marriage file and guide you through all the steps. Of course a church wedding is subject to some restrictions on freedom for the structure of the ceremony.

How to Organize a Bilingual Wedding

The type of wedding that I like the most! Bilingual weddings are a challenge for couples with guests from different countries. First of all you have to think about one or two languages that most of the guests have in common and then it is a very good idea to think about putting the signage in a bilingual way. Of course, opting for a bilingual ceremony with a professional officiant is the best way to create an unforgettable experience for your foreign guests.
How to organize a destination wedding

Getting married abroad involves organizing a destination wedding. Surely you are thinking that a destination wedding is something that only couples on a high budget can do, but it is not! Having a reduced guest list, in many occasions, organizing a destination wedding is even cheaper.

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