What a bride should do two weeks before the wedding: Error-proof!

The big day is coming and stress follows you everywhere, don’t worry! Because with these tips, your wedding calendar will be error-proof and the only thing you will have left is to enjoy that great moment, in which a new story begins in your life.

Foto: Ana Luisa de la Torre

The countdown marks that you have 2 weeks before the wedding, so take note of the following tasks to do:

1. You have to take care of many details and one of them is to have all the guests confirmed, so you will have to make a final count of the people who will attend the wedding and send the total number of guests to the banquet service. To make everything perfect, of course you need a good wedding invitation design.

2. Photographs will be the best memory of your big day, so prepare a list of people with whom you would like to take a photo, this will help you to not forget anyone and that photographers have a guide.

3. There are memorable speeches and in your ceremony the votes will be those words that you will never forget, so write something nice and simple.

4. The transport service is a primary issue, so you will have to confirm the exact time you want to be picked up to arrive on time.

5. Personal care is super important, so take time to go exfoliate, wax, get tan and enjoy a good relaxing massage, without neglecting a very feminine manicure.

6. Performing a final dress and headdress test is vital, this helps to have all the details ready and adjust as necessary.

7. Beauty plan: all women dream of looking beautiful on our big day, so you must attend a makeup and hairstyle test, to know what you have left and what you feel comfortable with.

8. They say well out there that a pair of heels are our best ally, so you will have to have the perfect shoes and an impeccable pedicure.

9. It is essential to have the ideal design of your flower bouquet to match everything, remember that you will have to leave it in the church.

10. Speaking of music and dancing, practicing the waltz and having a personalized playlist will make you enjoy your first dance and the magical evening that awaits you to the fullest.

Foto: Carlos Elizondo

11. Keep in mind that protocol rehearsals will help you refine all the details of the wedding ceremony, so spend a few days practicing your entry and selecting the readings you want to be said.

12. Your bachelorette party will be one of the parties you will always remember, so put stress aside and have lots of fun.

13. It will be essential to have the reservation ready of the place where you will spend your wedding night. If you are going on a trip, the passports will have to be valid and the suitcases ready for the honeymoon.


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